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CLcommunity for Microbial Community Analysis
CLcommunity is a versatile and easy-to-use software package specially created for the purpose of visualizing and analyzing massive amounts of next generation sequenced (NGS) data to identify and quantify species within a given microbial community.
Features of CLcommunity
  • Point and click interface empowering researchers to easily perform complex analysis without relying on bioinformatics specialists
  • Readily perform high quality comparative analyses on large datasets – CLcommunity currently allows you to browse and analyze up to 100 samples simultaneously
  • Immediately perform comparative analysis on public database files of varying formats
    (e.g. over 5,000 human microbiome file samples can be analyzed)
  • Publication quality charts, graphs and statistics
  • Export raw sequence data and statistics as Excel, Word or FASTA file formats for secondary Analyses
Watch a video demo of CLcommunity™ Easily drag & drop files, browse your sample’s taxonomic rank, and view pertinent statistics
Use point and click icons to create taxonomic charts instantly. Simultaneously view taxonomic compositions of two or more samples as a double pie chart.
Intuitively explore the relative richness of the complex structure of your sample’s metagenomic classification. Discover your sample’s biodiversity in 3D and 2D projections created using the UniFrac and Fast UniFrac algorithms.
Point click and visualize correlations between your microbial community and environmental factors.

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