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Traditional transcriptome analysis methods, such as microarray, are laborious and lack the reproducibility needed for efficient research. RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) is an accurate, sensitive and cost effective method to discover, profile and quantify mRNA transcripts as well as identify novel genes and isoforms including the identification of alternatively spliced transcripts.
ChunLab offers a complete solution for RNA-Seq including experimental design, stranded library construction, Illumina HiSeq 2500 sequencing and advanced bioinformatics analysis. ChunLab’s RNA-Seq service can be applied to basic and applied research such as the effect of the transcriptome on phenotypes such as disease susceptibility, cancer progression, pharmaceutical research and drug discovery and development.
From Sample to Discover
Powered by our unique bioinformatics capabilities – carefully optimized pipelines, well curated databases, software tools and biological based expertise – our RNA-Seq service delivers reliable data and analysis taking clients from sample to discovery.

What sets ChunLab’s RNA-Seq service apart, is the delivery of our analysis results via our easy-to-use, point and click software browser, CLRNASeq™ , developed exclusively for RNA-Seq. This interactive visualization tool delivers insight like no other. And with the click of a button, clients can run re-iterative DEG (differential expression genes) analyses, cluster genes with similar expression patterns, and identify differentially expressed metabolic pathways while reducing false positives instantaneously. Plus, CLRNASeq™ also allows clients to export high resolutions charts, graph and tables for use directly in publications.
The EzRNASeq database is a wide selection of RNA-Seq data sourced from the SRA database. ChunLab has curated and formatted the data so it can easily be browsed in the CLRNASeq™ software. These files are freely accessible to ChunLab clients allowing them to easily compare the results of their RNA-Seq data with data from the SRA database in one easy to use software tool. Data available includes human, mouse, Arabidopsis, C. elegans, Drosophila and other model organisms. For more information on this database please contact us at
ChunLab offers a one-stop fully integrated service from sample preparation to next generation sequencing to bioinformatics. By managing the entire pipeline, we ensure quality control at every step of the process to provide more meaningful downstream results.
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