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The goal of metagenomics is to characterize what species are present in a given environment and understand their complex interactions within. Microbial communities are extremely complex and diverse across a wide range of habitats. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has enabled unprecedented views of microbial diversity in such environments such as the human gut and mouth, soil, coral reefs, drinking water, and much more without laborious cloning protocols. ChunLab leverages NGS technology to provide a complete range of metagenomic solutions.
Microbial Community Analysis
Bacteria & Archaea
(16S rRNA barcoded amplicon sequencing)

NGS technologies can be used to investigate microbial communities by deep sequencing the marker gene of choice, the 16S rRNA gene. ChunLab performs pyrosequencing on the V1-V3 regions of the 16S rRNA gene using the Roche 454 GS FLX+ / Junior platforms or the V3-V4 region using the MiSeq platform to offer accurate phylogenetic identification and increased confidence in taxonomic assignments.

Taxonomic classification is assigned to each read at the species level using the EzTaxon database , developed and maintained by ChunLab. EzTaxon is a comprehensive 16S rRNA gene sequence database that includes taxa with valid names as well as uncultured taxa. EzTaxon has 62,000+ prokaryote species; and the database has 8,000 users worldwide and has been cited over >2,300 times (as of June 2014.)
Fungi (ITS barcoded amplicon sequencing)
Most of the current knowledge on microbial diversity of natural habitats concerns bacteria, whereas fungal communities have received little attention. Fungi comprise a major portion of the biodiversity and biomass in ecosystems and plays an essential role as decomposers, symbionts, parasites or pathogens of other organisms. NGS technology enable detailed, semi-quantitative analysis of fungal communities in large sample sets and provide ecological information that extends far beyond that provided by previous methods in terms of detail and magnitude.

ChunLab’s microbial community analysis includes the pyrosequencing of the ITS2 (internal transcribed spacer) region, which is the most widely sequenced DNA region for fungi and has been recommended as the universal fungal barcode sequence. Taxonomic assignments are based on EzFungi, a highly curated database containing over 17,000 fungi species as of Feb. 2014.

ChunLab’s microbiome/microbial community service includes comprehensive NGS data analysis and the delivery of results via our point and click bioinformatics software, CLcommunity™. CLcommunity is an easy to use desktop application dedicated to microbial community analysis that allows users to quickly view taxonomic compositions, do community comparisons and publish results instantaneously. Learn more
ChunLab’s shotgun metagenomics service randomly sequences DNA fragments extracted from environmental samples. This service allows our clients to evaluate microbial diversity and detect the abundance of species in natural environments without assembling individual microbial genomes.
ChunLab offers a one-stop fully integrated service from sample preparation to next generation sequencing to bioinformatics. By managing the entire pipeline, we ensure quality control at every step of the process to provide more meaningful downstream results.
CLcommunity™ Software
Sample Preparation
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