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Bacterial Whole Genome Sequencing and Bioinformatics
Whole genome sequencing (WGS) analysis generates the most comprehensive dataset enabling detailed evaluation of all genetic features of an individual organism. Bacterial genome analysis is increasingly being performed by diverse groups in research, clinical and public health labs, who are interested in a wide array of topics related to bacterial genetics and evolution, including outbreak analysis and the study of pathogenicity and antimicrobial resistance.
ChunLab offers an end to end bacterial genome analysis service from library preparation to next generation sequencing to de novo assembly & annotation. Powered by our unique bioinformatics capabilities – carefully optimized pipelines, highly curated databases, software tools and microbiology based expertise – we take clients from sample to discovery.

What sets ChunLab’s microbial genome service apart, is the delivery of our analysis results via our easy-to-use, point and click software browser, CLgenomics™, which delivers insight like no other. With the click of a button, researchers can visually compare multiple genomes simultaneously, quickly determine gene synteny, and instantly create genome maps and genome alignments.
De novo sequencing
  • Illumina MiSeq sequencing: 300bp PE, >100X coverage or
  • PacBio sequencing: 10K or 20K library, >70X coverage; Most cost-effective method for scaffolding and genome completion; methylation detection possible
Comprehensive bioinformatics
  • Assembly, functional gene annotation (based on SEED, NCBI COG and KEGG metabolic pathways), and gene by gene comparisons for up to 3 genomes
  • Delivery of results via the free software browser, CLgenomics
The EzGenome database is a manually curated prokaryotic database (Bacteria and Archaea). Each genome has been identified at the species/subspecies level using the 16S rRNA sequence and comparative genomics (through average nucleotide identity) allowing the accurate placement of all genomes under a unified taxonomic hierarchy. All genomes currently in the database can be downloaded and browsed in the CLgenomics software freely. For more information visit
ChunLab offers a one-stop fully integrated service from sample preparation to next generation sequencing to bioinformatics. By managing the entire pipeline, we ensure quality control at every step of the process to provide more meaningful downstream results.
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