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Epigenetic Sequencing
Through the epigenome, a genome can dynamically respond to the environment, leading to heritable changes in gene expressions that cannot be attributed to the underlying DNA sequence. Examples of epigenetic changes include histone modification and DNA methylation, which regulate high order DNA structure and gene expression. By combining biochemical techniques (such as chromatin immunoprecipitation and bisulfite treatment) with cutting edge next-generation sequencing platforms we can achieve genome-wide detection of epigenetic events.
ChIP Sequencing (ChIP-Seq) combines chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and high-throughput sequencing to rapidly survey the binding sites of transcription factors and other chromatin-associated binding proteins that influence gene regulation. ChunLab leverages this technology to provide more cost-effective and precise analysis of genome wide protein DNA interactions.
Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing (WGBS), whereby DNA is treated with sodium bisulfite and sequenced, provides a high resolution, genome-wide measurement of DNA methylation. Contact us to learn more about our epigenetic services.

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