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Next Generation Sequencing
Illumina HiSeq 2500
The Illumina HiSeq 2500 platform is a rapid, high-throughput, next-generation sequencing platform that runs on two modes, rapid run and high output. This provides a flexible and scalable platform that supports the broadest range of applications to fit your research needs.
Rapid Run
The rapid run mode provides quick results, allows efficient processing of a limited number of samples, and offers support of longer paired-end 150 bp reads. It provides up to 1.2 billion paired-end reads or 180 Gb of data per run, which enable greater depth of coverage and improved assembly for de novo applications.
High Output
The high output mode is perfect for larger studies with more samples or when the greatest depth of coverage is required. High output mode allows you to batch process approximately five times more samples than rapid mode and provides up to 6 billion paired-end reads with 600 Gb of data per run.
Illumina MiSeq
The Illumina MiSeq sequencer can produce 2 x 300 paired-end reads and up to 15 Gb of data in a single run. This allows assembly of small genomes or the accurate detection of target variants, especially within homopolymer regions. With the MiSeq platform more samples can be processed in less time while generating more reads per run.
Roche 454 GS-FLX+
The Roche GS FLX+ platform features extended Sanger like reads (~900bp -1Kb) allowing you to uncover more of your genome, transcriptome or metagenome. With its unique combination of long reads, exceptional accuracy and high-throughput, the system is well suited for long amplicons sequencing (eg: metagenomics) and de novo genome assembly.
Roche 454 Junior
The GS Junior System is a bench top version of the GS FLX system, that brings the power of 454 Sequencing technology with the same proven long-read sequencing performance with a short run time. The system is suited for sequencing projects that require a quick and simple analysis.
Pacific Biosciences RS II
The PacBio RS II is a Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT®) DNA Sequencing System that provides the longest read lengths (avg. 4,000 bp) of any available sequencing technology. SMRT Sequencing is ideal for de novo assembly, characterization of genetic variation, methylation analysis, microbiology studies, and more.
Ion Torrent PGM
The Ion Torrent PGM™ System combines semiconductor sequencing technology with natural biochemistry to directly translate chemical information into digital data. The system leverages the exponential improvements in the semiconductor industry (known as Moore’s Law) to provide scalability and flexibility for various applications. The system’s use of the simplest, natural sequencing chemistry eliminates the need for expensive optics and reduces complex chemistries to measure natural DNA extension.

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