Full service from sequencing to bioinformatics using an in-house pipeline combined
with the EzBioCloud database.

Bacterial Transcriptome Analysis (RNA-Seq)

Find out the exact gene expression information with ChunLab’s CLRNAseq software.

In addition to providing Excel format data and image files, it also provides normalized data at the time of file opening, expression level against the designated control samples, and a secondary analysis function (DEG/clustering analysis , eggNOG functional category analysis, KEGG pathway analysis, Gene Ontology analysis, etc.) You can easily interpret your data with CLRNAseq software.

Why choose our transcriptome analysis service?

Optimized to visualize gene expression data and annotation information via ChunLab’s developed CLRNASeq software.
Publication-ready images
All results available in images, Excel, text or FASTA files.
Normalization / Reference Genome / Mapping information
RNA analysis data are normalized by RPKM, TMM and RLE methods and provide basic information of reads mapped to the reference genome.
Main browser
The total gene expression level of all samples is shown at once, and searching for specific genes or setting filter to see only the desired data is also possible.
DEG Browser
DEG browser shows the overall pattern of two selected data at a glance, and it supports various filter options.
KEGG browser
Use the built-in KEGG database to conduct an analysis of biological pathways and display the results in a single click.

In addition, eggNOG Browser, Gene Ontology Browser and SNV/InDel report is supported.