Full service from sequencing to bioinformatics using an in-house pipeline combined
with the EzBioCloud database.

Microbiome Taxonomic Profiling (MTP)

Tutorials & videos available.
Find biomarkers with just a few clicks
Cloud-based. Check data from home, lab or office.
Only 15 minutes from raw data upload to visualized results
Down to species level using the world-renowned EzBioCloud DB

Bioinformatics for Microbiology at ChunLab

Only ChunLab offers
microbiome analysis
using the EzBioCloud database.

Why Choose our microbiome profiling service?

DNA preparation & Sequencing
Experience with various types of environmental and microbiota samples.
Using in-house pipeline optimized for Identification at the species level
The only DB containing more than 16,000 valid species with genome information *
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2nd Analysis
Diverse comparative analysis of multiple sets via EzBioCloud 16S-based MTP app
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