Full service from sequencing to bioinformatics using an in-house pipeline combined
with the EzBioCloud database.

Genome Report for Industrially important Strains (GRIIS)

GRIIS, a Premium strain inspection service for Healthy products.

We analyze the genome of strains used in the probiotics products to provide accurate identification of the strains, toxic genes and antibiotic resistance genes, as well as composition analysis.


ChunLab’s Premium strain inspection service for Probiotics

Highly Optimized Technology

  • Identification based on the full-length genome of the production strain
  • Enhanced composition analysis using full-length sequence of 16S rRNA gene
  • Investigate up to strain level

Highly accurate DB

  • ChunLab’s Premium database: TrueBac DB
  • Verified data quality
  • Contain most of important strain data in hospital
    and industries

Verification and Reporting

  • Provides analysis reports and details

Monitoring and Management

  • Master Seed/product QC
  • Regular monitoring service available to
    track variations