Full service from sequencing to bioinformatics using an in-house pipeline combined
with the EzBioCloud database.

Whole Genome Analysis (WG)
/Comparative Genome Analysis (CG)

Enlighten your knowledge on bacterial genome with EzBioCloud WG/CG app

Through selective NGS platform and differentiated in-house pipeline, ChunLab’s whole genome and comparative genome analysis provides annotated information of each strain and all genetic variations among related strains in the best way to understand.

Why choose our genome analysis service?

Web-based platform optimized to explore annotated information and relevant results as interactive images.
Publication-ready images
All results available in images, Excel, Newick or FASTA files.
1 free comparative genome data set composed of 4 similar genomes.
Capable of including up to 50 strains in a comparative set.