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While other next generation sequencing companies deliver massive amounts of NGS data in Excel or text file formats, we go much further with in-depth bioinformatics analysis and the delivery of results via our intuitive, easy-to-use software solutions. These standalone tools gives you the power to directly visualize data, perform secondary analyses, run comparative analyses and more.
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We believe in the value of our services, that is why we are offering a FREE TRIAL on our microbiome data analysis service for Illumina, Roche 454 or PacBio generated data.
FREE TRIAL includes:
  • Superior phylogenetic identification and taxonomic assignment of each read at the species level based on the EzTaxon and EzFungi databases
  • OTU clustering and alpha diversity analysis: diversity indices, rarefaction and rank abundance curves
  • Beta diversity analysis includes Fast UniFrac, CCA analysis (environmental correlation),and source tracking based on taxonomic composition
  • Free trial on 5 samples up to 10,000 reads per sample
  • Delivery of results via our sophisticated software browser, CLcommunity™
Delivery of results via our sophisticated software browser, CLcommunity™
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